NASCAR Fight! Kurt Busch Bloodied in Scuffle with Joey Logano’s Pit Crew After Kobalt 400 (Videos)

Kurt Busch NASCAR Fight Joey Logano

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There’s nothing like a good old fashioned NASCAR pit fight. And Kurt Busch gave us a good one on Sunday after the Kobalt 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Busch and Joey Logano had a little run-in on the final turn of the race, which resulted in Busch veering off the track and out of the race altogether. Afterward Busch, the 2015 NASCAR Sprint champion, waited for Logano in pit row. And when he got there, Busch went after him.

Unfortunately for Busch, he was seriously outnumbered. Logano’s crew pulled their driver away and held him out of harms way, so Busch had to rassle with one of Logano’s crewman instead.

Looking closely at the video, it seems as though Logano’s crewman has Busch in a headlock at one point before the two get pulled apart. What we know for sure is that Busch received a small gash above his right eye, because the blood is plainly visible.

Take a look:

As for the contact that sparked this whole thing, you might assume that Logano was to blame. But that’s not the case. Busch definitely started it:

I’d say Kyle needs to either fight better, or do some yoga and learn to chill the hell out.

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