Behold the 2017 All Hockey Hair Team Top 10 (Video)

2017 All Hockey Hair Team

It’s that time of year again, hockey hair enthusiasts. The 2017 All Hockey Hair Team is here. And it is stupendous.

If you’re not familiar with the All Hockey Hair Team, please, allow me to explain. Every year, this random dude from Minnesota makes a ridiculously low-tech video counting down the top 10 hockey hairdos from the Minnesota high school boys hockey tournament.

These videos have become legendary in the world of hockey. Last year’s All Hockey Hair Team video had over 2 million views on YouTube, and NHL players now make cameos. So basically, if you’re a high school hockey player in Minnesota, making it onto the All Hockey Hair Team video is your number one goal in life.

The 2017 All Hockey Hair Team video features cameos from such NHL players as Charlie Coyle and Alex Steen. It came out two days ago and already has over 460,000 views at time of writing. Which is insane.

Take a look:

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For years nobody knew who made the All Hockey Hair Team videos. However, last year Barry Melrose did an 11-minute documentary about it for ESPN’s E:60 and finally revealed his true identity.

Turns out he’s not some sad loser who lives in his mom’s basement. Take a look:

Well done, John King. You’ve created one of the top 10 most awesome things in the history of the internet.

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