Fans Storm Pitch During Horrific, Barbaric Brazilian Soccer Riot (Videos)

Brazil Soccer Riot

We all know that soccer riots reign as king in the hierarchy of sports violence. But this one stands apart from the rest.

In Brazil on Sunday during the Gama-Brasiliense match, fans took to the pitch to raise hell and beat up other fans. It happened in the 89th minute of a 1-1 tie following a tiff between the players and some coaches.

Police finally put an end to everything with pepper spray, leaving many injured.

It’s very, very ugly and, sadly, not that uncommon.

There are quite a few videos covering the madness.  If you’re a fan of insane riots that almost seem too crazy to be real, you’ll want to check each of them out in their entirety:

The game was canceled following the violence, for obvious reasons.

NO charges or suspensions have been mentioned yet, but you can be pretty sure, they’re imminent.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin and ESPN FC]

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