David Carr Believes The Texans Didn’t Give Osweiler Enough Time

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David Carr and Brock Osweiler share a common bond together as the Texans brought them both in to be the team’s franchise QB of the future, and neither player delivered on the field.

The biggest difference between the two was Carr was given five years to get it right, while Osweiler only got one before he was shipped out of town.

Carr stated he recently spoke with Osweiler at Kurt Warner’s charity touch football game and believes he didn’t get enough time to get comfortable in head coach Bill O’Brien’s offense.

“Gary Kubiak’s system in Denver was so different,” Carr said, according to the Houston Chronicle’s David Barron. “It was completely different than what Bill (O’Brien) was asking him to do in Houston with the option routes and young receivers. There wasn’t enough time.

“I look at the guys they’ve had in Houston (during O’Brien’s tenure) and they haven’t been given a lot of time. I don’t know how you get much continuity at the position by rotating guys in so much, especially with the offense you’re running. There is a comfort level involved, and you can’t match that in 10 months.”

Carr believes O’Brien’s system works, but with the amount of QB’s that have rotated in and out of the starting QB position down in Houston, it’s extremely difficult for any QB to master it in a short amount of time.

“Bill’s system works, and I don’t think he’s coaching it poorly. But in the times we live, it’s going to be difficult for him to have enough patience to stick with one guy. And it’s not just the quarterback. It’s the combination of quarterback and receiver. Julian Edelman practically lives with (Tom Brady) during the offseason. They go through game situations three times a week. How many times did Brock do that? Probably never.”

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