LaVar Ball Responds to Barkley: ‘He Don’t Wanna Play 1-on-1, Gotta Eat Them Donuts’ (Video)

LaVar Ball Sportscenter

That didn’t take long…

Not long after Charles Barkley challenged LaVar Ball to a game of one-on-one basketball, the father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball fired back with some thoughts of his own.

Apparently, he’s not taking Barkley’s challenge very seriously:

“He wants some press. I’m not going to go Google Charles. Meanwhile he wants to play one-on-one and all this and saying I averaged two points. Who cares? I know he don’t want to play no one-on-one ’cause he too big, he’s gotta stay behind TNT and eat them donuts.”

Here’s a clip of Ball’s response during his appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter: