Ryan Leaf Went on ‘Ellen’, Claimed Watching the Show in Prison Turned His Life Around (Video)

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Ryan Leaf has been the quintessential pro athlete burnout for two decades now, and while his playing days are far behind him, he’s still looking to get his life back on track. And he has found inspiration through a very unlikely source: The Ellen Show. Plagued by addiction during his adult life, he found solace in watching her show on a tiny 13″ TV in his prison cell.

Recently, he actually appeared on the show to share his experiences and work-in-progress life changes.

Leaf said the following to Ellen:

“You live this public life, and had a platform of service on a daily basis, and it made me feel something. I felt like a human being again. It gave me my humanity back, it really did. An hour a day. When I didn’t have it. I went and found it because I saw your face. … My roommate would come in and he’d see me either bawling or laughing uncontrollably watching your show.”

Here’s a clip of his appearance. It’s certainly worth a watch.

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