Anonymous Warriors Player Says The Team is Dealing With Off The Court Issues That Has Caused Tension in Locker Room

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors

After a 73-9 season last year and adding Kevin Durant to the mix, most thought the Warriors were poised to win 70+ games again this season. Then, Durant went down with an injury and the team has lost 5 of 8 games while looking nothing like they did earlier in the season.

Most may look at Durant’s injury as the cause, but rumors are swirling of some issues within the team, and they have nothing to do with basketball.

While a guest on’s True Hoops Podcast, Ethan Strauss details an anonymous player on the squad saying the Warriors have a bunch of tension in the locker room.

“Is this malaise of theirs about not feeling motivated, not thinking they have something to play for,” said Strauss on the True Hoop Pod. “Is it just being tired? There’s one guy in particular on the team that keeps saying the same thing to me, and I can’t say who he is, but he keeps saying ‘We’ve got problems and it ain’t basketball.’”

“The Luke Walton question is an interesting one. I think what happened with Luke Walton in some ways speaks to some of the issues this team has where his success undermined Kerr’s authority,” said Strauss. “They played the best basketball they ever had when Kerr was not coaching the team, when Luke was letting them do a lot of what they really wanted and Draymond (Green) was essentially player-coach and that has ratcheted up the tension, I believe, between those two figures. And so it’s so hard to say. Is it because they miss Luke Walton? Or Luke Walton’s presence on the team and the success that came with it came to haunt them in some way.”

Durant, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston will all be free agents after this season.  It will be interesting to see how the Warriors’ front office attempts to keep this nucleus together.

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