Eddie Lacy Has to Make Weight at 7 Different Weigh-Ins to Earn His Bonus


I don’t know what motivates you with your diet and exercise plans, but I know what’s going to motivate Eddie Lacy.

The running back, who has a reputation for yo-yoing weight that almost certainly affects his performance, has a unique clause with the Seattle Seahawks which will afford him a total of $385,000 if he’s able to make weight at seven different weigh-ins throughout the season.

The target falls from 255 in May to 250 in June and August to 245 for all four months of the season. Lacy came into the NFL at 231, but was a staggering 267 pounds during free agency this year.

The guy’s a professional athlete. If he can’t get to 250 in two months, he shouldn’t just forego his bonus. He should forego playing in the NFL.

Even if he doesn’t make the weight clauses, he’ll still get $2.3 million from Seattle this season. We’ll see if the extra cash is motivation enough.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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