Skip Bayless Gets Roasted by Northwestern After Dumb Prediction on Twitter (Tweets)

skip bayless says aaron rodgers is not that good

Skip Bayless has made a career out of contrarian, nonsensical predictions and theories that get people riled up to the point that they’re engaged enough to keep this guy famous.

Yesterday, the Fox Sports 1 personality shot out this gem of a tweet regarding the NCAA Tourney opening round matchup between Vanderbilt and Northwestern:

After Northwestern proved Skip wrong with a 68-66 win over Vandy, the team’s official account responded, saying, uh, no.

Then there was this awesome summary:

Yup, Skip Bayless is terrible, and being wrong makes him only more famous. We’ll just have to wait until he retires before we’re rid of him.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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