HS Football Coach’s Dumb “Wiener” Gag Could Result in His Firing and Criminal Charges


High school football coaches have a reputation for letting enthusiasm, good and bad, get away from them.

Jim Sharkey, the coach of the Ferris High School football team in Spokane, Washington, allegedly went WAY out of bounds with his players when he took out his penis, placed it in a hot dog bun, and asked them, “You think this is a big dog?”

Remarkably, the school seemed to know about the incident and just gave him a warning, letting him coach last fall after they found out. But now that more players have come forward about the incident, they’ve placed him on paid leave.

According to the Spokesman-Review:

A couple of weeks after the camp, a Ferris player came forward and said that while Sharkey was grilling, he turned with his exposed penis inside a hot dog bun. Sharkey said, “You think that is a big dog – take a look at this,” according to school records that listed multiple different versions of the same quote.

While the coach got a written reprimand and was allowed to coach this past fall, school officials placed him on administrative leave Feb. 1 after more players claimed to have seen the hot dog incident and other students brought up separate incidents of questionable behavior by the 11-year teacher and coach.

Not so funny, eh?

He’s also been accused of drinking alcohol in front of players on one occasion. We’ll try to reserve judgment, but things don’t sound too great for Coach Sharkey at the moment. Or the players for that matter.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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