Warriors Made Toilet Paper That Had JaVale McGee’s Face On It (Pics)


With enough people clowning on the Warriors, you wouldn’t think they need to drum up their own pranks and burns. But over the course of an 82-game season, a good internal prank might just cut the tension a little.

So the Warriors rocked some JaVale McGee toilet paper in the bathroom stall, and it didn’t stay “internal” for long, because many of them shared their photos of it on social media.

Andre Iguodala thought it was pretty funny…


As did Mr. Draymond Green:


And teammate Ian Clark:


As far as pranks go, this is a pretty good one, but I’m still curious who the culprit was who ordered the toilet paper. Was it a player who actually got on the phone with someone, or did they just outsource it to an assistant? We need to know these things!

Hat Tip – [Yahoo]

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