Sidney Crosby Slices Through Sabres Defense and Scores One-Handed Goal, Because He’s Sidney Crosby (Video)

Sidney Crosby one-handed goal vs. Sabres

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Over the last few NHL seasons a lot of attention has been given to young up-and-comers like Conor McDavid, Jack Eichel, and Auston Matthews. Meanwhile, guys like Patric Kane, Steven Stamkos, and John Tavares have come of age and turned into true franchise players. However, the unofficial title of “Best Hockey Player in the World” still belongs to Sidney Crosby. If last year’s Stanley Cup run wasn’t enough proof of that, the goal Crosby scored in Buffalo on Tuesday certainly is.

The Penguins needed a regulation win against the Sabres to clinch a playoff spot. With ten seconds left in the first period and Pittsburgh on a power play, Crosby carried the puck up the ice, spotted an opening, sliced right between the Buffalo defense, and flicked a one-handed backhander over the glove of goalie Robin Lehner to give the Penguins a 1-0 lead.

It was freaking ridiculous. Here’s the video:

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And for those of you who need to just watch that over and over until your brain accepts that it actually happened, here’s the GIF:

When everything is said and done and Sidney Crosby finally hangs up his skates, that goal will be on his career highlight reel. It was just that good.

Of course, that highlight reel won’t come for a long time, because Sid the Kid is still only 28 years old.

As for Tuesday night’s game, Pittsburgh went on to win that by the score of 3-1.

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