Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 49 Jersey Was Secretly Shopped Around for $75,000


For those of you who aren’t good with your Roman numerals, Super Bowl XLIX was Super Bowl 49, which was the Pats-Seahawks game two years ago in which the Pats intercepted a short pass on their own 1-yard-line to seal the game. It was also, like this year’s Super Bowl 51, a game in which Tom Brady had his jersey stolen.

And now it’s being revealed that the two-year-old jersey was secretly shopped for $75,000 by a party affiliated with Mauricio Ortega, the man suspected of stealing this year’s Brady Super Bowl jersey as well.

According to TMZ, all the prospective buyers of the old jersey thought it was obtained through legal means, since Ortega had access and pics with players. But the seller went dark and no one knows what became of the jersey.

No word on Ortega’s fate yet, but he stole then tried to sell stolen goods, so as silly as this whole thing is, he could be looking at some serious jail time.

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