Cavs Fans Play ‘Game’ Where They Have to Eat More Chicken Nuggets Than Denver Nuggets Points…GROSS!!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.05.17 AM

Every time the Cavs square off against Denver, Cleveland fans have taken to a game called “Me vs. Nuggets,” in which the healthy, healthy fans try to eat more Chicken McNuggets than the number of points that the Denver Nuggets score. Last night, the Cavs lost after the Nuggets scored 123. Ouch.

Even if the Nuggets don’t score a lot of points, that’s still an ungodly, disgustingly large number of nuggets. But they DID score a lot of points last night, so…

I’d like to say that they all failed, but there’s just no way of knowing. I suppose we should scan the northern Ohio papers for news of diabetic comas or exploding hearts to follow up, because anyone who even tries this isn’t going to have the strength to tweet out their progress.

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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