Colin Cowherd: People Hate LeBron Because He’s The 1st Real Threat To Surpass Michael Jordan (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

If you even attempt to compare or say that a player does anything better than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, there will be no less than 6,000 Jordan fanatics right there to shut you up.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has been compared to Jordan ever since he was in high school and those comparisons have only gotten stronger as his ring count increases. 7 trips to the NBA Finals, 6 straight with 3 rings would have most NBA players ready to sign up immediately, but because it’s LeBron, he gets the hate for not winning enough and Colin Cowherd seems to think he knows why.

The Fox Sports personality took to Thursday’s edition of ‘The Herd’ top explain that people criticize Lebron so much because he’s the first real threat to surpass Michael Jordan.

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