Gronk Helps His Bro Mojo Rawley Get Psyched Up For WrestleMania 33 (Video)

Gronk Mojo Rawley pumped up for WrestleMania 33

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is a huge wrestling fan. You probably knew that already because you saw that video of Gronk sitting front row at last week’s WWE Smackdown event in Connecticut. Or maybe you just assumed it. Gronk is, after all, the living, breathing embodiment of the spirit of professional wrestling.

However, Gronk isn’t just a fan of pro wrestling like you or me. (Mostly you.) Being rich, famous, and, most importantly, someone the WWE would very much like to recruit, Gronk gets preferential treatment from the WWE. He’s also good friends with Mojo Rawley, who played college and NFL football before joining the WWE’s NXT brand.

How close are Gronk and Mojo? Close enough that they film their own WWE hype videos, and Mojo comes over to work out in Gronk’s basement.

Here’s their latest hype video, which features Gronk slapping Mojo on the chest as he kindly reminds his shirtless friend that WrestleMania 33 is next week:

Getting my brother @mojorawleywwe ready for @WWE #Wrestlemania next Sunday!!! He’s going to win that Battle Royal for sure!! I’ve never seen a crazier dude in my life! The man doesn’t sleep! He stays hyped!! #MojoRising #STAYHYPED

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Honestly, I don’t know why Gronk still bothers with football. Every year he suffers some major injury, and he’s already made millions of dollars. He should just retire from the NFL and fulfill what is obviously his destiny by joining the WWE.

Gronk & Mojo would probably be the greatest tag team of all time.

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