Mexican Bullfighter Gored in the Rectum (Video + Gruesome Pic)

mexican bullfighter gored in ass antonio romera

You probably didn’t know this, but bullfighting is actually a three stage process. Matadors don’t just walk into the ring and try to bring the raging beasts down with a single thrust. First a picador on horseback stabs the bull in the back of the neck, weakening the bull and forcing it to lower its head. Then three banderilleros come out and plant three barbed sticks in the bulls shoulders, enraging but also further weakening the animal. Then, after the Bull has been significantly weakened, out comes the matador to finish him off.

That’s how it’s supposed to go, anyway. It definitely did not play out like that for Mexican bullfighter Antonio Romero when he tried to take down a 1,160-pound bull named Caporal in Mexico City on Sunday.

I don’t know if Romero’s picadors and banderilleros dropped the ball, if he sucks at bullfighting, or if Caporal was just one badass bull. What I do know is that Romero got gored in the ass.

How bad was it? Here’s what the doctor who treated Romero told the media:

“La cornada es muy grave, muy seria, una lesión muy, muy severa en la región ano-rectal. Una cornada de muchísima energía que destroza completamente el esfínter anal y lesiona de manera muy grave el recto.”

And now in English:

“The goring is very serious, very serious. A very, very severe injury in the anorectal region. A horn of very much energy that completely destroyed the anal sphincter and very seriously damaged the rectum.”

Univision reports that the goring was about a foot deep. There was also mention of a “reconstruction of the anus,” but to be honest I just stopped reading at that point.

Here’s the video:

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Below you’ll find a nice closeup of the goring if you feel like that’s something you really need to see.


matador gored in anus

Aye carumba.

Hat Tip – [Univision via Deadspin]

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