Asdrubal Cabrera Leaves Field Very, Very, Very Slowly After Being Ejected (Video)


Once you get ejected from a sporting event, you’re kind of free to do whatever you want, since they can’t eject you twice. So as long as you don’t stab a base coach with a screwdriver or something on the way off the field, you’re not going to get a multi-game suspension or anything.

So when Mets shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera got the boot from a Florida preseason game for running his mouth at a Nats player, he had to take a long walk from the field to the exit…

…but not before walking all the way to the dugout to grab his glove.

Here’s the awesomely-slow event unfolding:

It didn’t help that his walk off the field was more of a mosey, too. You might complain about the pace of play, but this is preseason baseball. If he didn’t do this, we wouldn’t be talking about this game at all.

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