Devon Still on Daughter Leah’s 2-Year Anniversary of Cancer Remission: ‘Today, We Celebrate Your Strength’


Six-year-old Leah Still, the daughter of free agent Devon Still, has all types of reasons to celebrate on this very special day.

Leah was diagnosed with stage-4 neuroblastoma, a form of brain cancer, in June 2014 and has now been in remission for a full two years. Devon Still took to Instagram to share some very special words about his daughter, who fought cancer and won.


I want to wish a Happy 2nd Birthday to my daughter, Leah. Today marks 2 years in remission! From the moment we took this picture in the hospital, right before doctors walked in the room and said she had cancer, we had an extremely tough fight. But no matter how hard it got we never gave up. So today, we celebrate your strength and perseverance Leah! I love you more than you could ever possibly know.

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As for Devon and his NFL career, he is hoping a team picks him up for the upcoming season after spending time with the Houston Texans last year.

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