After Huge Spike in Ratings, ‘First Take’ Plans To Bring LaVar Ball Back to Show on Monday


Despite sports fans being absolutely tired of seeing him, and fellow ESPN personalities speaking out against their own company for giving him air-time, ESPN’s ‘First Take’ still plans to have LaVar Ball back on the show yet again.

This time, he will be accompanied by his son, Lonzo, on Monday’s edition of ‘First Take’.

In case you missed his appearance earlier this week, he and Stephen A. Smith basically yelled at each other from start to finish.

So why is LaVar back on the show again? Easy answer. Ratings.

ESPN clearly didn’t care what their workers thought about LaVar’s first appearance last week.

“It’s embarrassing,” ESPN’s Danny Kanell tweeted.

“(He) clearly doesn’t believe half the stuff he says–but it creates headlines and getting people’s attention. Sucks,” ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit tweeted.

“Begging ALL media, INCLUDING US… KEEP LAVAR BALL OFF THE AIR. Please,” ESPN’s Dari Nowkhah tweeted.

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