How A Deleted Text Message May Get Aaron Hernandez Off The Hook For Double Murder

Aaron Hernandez Court Appearance

As shocking as it may seem, it’s likely that Aaron Hernandez may not have killed all those people.

Last week, Hernandez’s former best friend Alexander Bradley detailed how Hernandez became enraged at a club after being bumped and spilling his drink, so he waited for the guy who bumped him to leave and fired 5 shots into his car, killing two people.

According to Yahoo, a deleted text message from Bradley that was sent back in 2013 could actually get Hernandez off the hook for the double murder.

“The text message was sent way back on July 5, 2013. It was, at some point, deleted.

Perhaps because its sender, Alexander Bradley, realized it held unwanted power, like the capability of impacting his immunity deal in an Aaron Hernandez double murder trial, let alone rocking the entire case altogether.

In a plea deal, Bradley, however, gave authorities full access to his phone, including deleted and otherwise privileged communication with his lawyer. That includes a text that suggests Bradley actually has no idea if, contrary to his repeated testimony here this week, Hernandez shot him in the face in February of 2013.

“Now u sure once I withdraw this lawsuit I wont be held on perjury after I tell the truth about me not recalling anything about who shot me,” Bradley wrote to attorney Robert Pickering.

“The truth,” Baez emphasized to a now rapt Room 906 of Suffolk Superior Court in downtown Boston, during the most dramatic moment of the trial thus far. He then promptly asked Judge Jeffrey Locke if he wanted to take a break for the trial’s traditional 1 p.m. lunch. Locke agreed. Fueled by Red Bull all morning, an on-point Baez had deftly timed the reveal perfectly, leaving the jury time to digest that bombshell with their sandwiches.

Bradley testified that the text message is misunderstood. He said he wanted to tell a pending grand jury that he didn’t know who shot him in the face to spare Hernandez criminal charges but was worried doing so would open himself to perjury charges because in the civil suit he swore under oath that it was Hernandez who did it.

“I was trying to figure out how I could testify without getting him criminally [charged],” Bradley explained when court resumed after lunch and first assistant district attorney Patrick Haggan questioned him on redirect. “My issue [was that] I would essentially perjure myself if I file in a civil matter that Mr. Hernandez shot me and then I go to the grand jury and say I don’t know who shot me.”

Bradley has openly admitted to wanting to kill Hernandez after he alleges he was shot in the face by his former friend and left for dead.

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