Michael Irvin Upset That The Texans Won’t Trade a 4th or 5th Round Pick For Tony Romo


It was reported weeks ago that the Dallas Cowboys would be releasing QB Tony Romo, but he’s still on the roster as new reports have the Cowboys eagerly looking for a trade partner in hopes of obtaining draft picks.

Former Dallas Cowboys and Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin was recently a guest CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki and Tierney,” and he ripped the Houston Texans for not trading something to get Tony Romo, especially after they gave Brock Osweiler $72M last year.

“If I’m a fan of the Houston Texans, I’m protesting so much right now,” Irvin said, as transcribed by CBS Sports. “What are you doing? You mean to tell me you can throw $72 million at Brock Osweiler . . . but come back and say, ‘We’re not going to offer anything for Tony Romo’? Are you joking? Are you joking? Just say, ‘Hey, take a fifth-round draft pick. Take a fourth-round draft pick.’ Throw out something. Let everybody know that you’re trying.” 

Irvin is under the impression that the Houston Texans will only be able to acquire Romo via trade, and won’t be able to do much of anything if he hits free agency.

“We’re not talking about basic principles; we’re talking winning championships right now,” Irvin said. “You’re not going to pick him up (in free agency). You’re going to (have to) fight for him. This is mind-boggling. I can’t imagine what the fans in Houston are thinking right now. I would be going crazy. You can’t come up with a fifth-round draft pick? It blows my mind.” 

If the Texans don’t make a move, their QB options at the moment are Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden.

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