Justin Bieber Suited Up and Played Hockey with the West Point Squad (Video)

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I’m really not sure why Justin Bieber would find his way over to the U.S. Army’s university to skate with their hockey squad, but Bieber’s known to do all kinds of weird stuff, so…yeah. It happened.

Bieber wore a player’s (#6 Nick DeCenzo) jersey, skated with the team and took a pic with them.

No, we don’t have any idea why this happened either. By the looks of things, both parties seemed polite, but even in their pics and tweets, you kind of get the feeling that no one knew why this was going on.


They gave props to Bieber for not stepping on the team logo, which I guess is the faintest praise you can give someone.


“He fed me water.”

Sounds like a great time all around.

Justin Bieber – Water boy.

Hat Tip – [TMZ Sports]