Lindsey Pelas Talks About Her SEXY Caddie Outfit For The Masters (VIDEO + PICS)

Lindsey Pelas - Grayson Murray

Last week, we told you the story about brave PGA rookie Grayson Murray, who shot his shot at Lindsey Pelas, and is now just one win away from bagging her as his caddie for The Masters’ Par-3 Tournament.

TMZ recently caught up with Pelas to ask her some important questions, like what made her say yes to Murray, does she know what she’s doing, and, most importantly, what will Lindsey be wearing at The Masters (should Grayson win this weekend’s Houston Open and earn himself a trip to Augusta National)?

Find out the answers to those questions and more by watching the video below:

If you’d like to see more of Lindsey (and we know you do), here are some pics (via her Instagram):


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