UNC Hero Luke Maye Shows Up for 8AM Class Day After Hitting Game-Winner Vs. Kentucky (Video)

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Most college students find it difficult to drag themselves out of bed for an 8am Monday class. If memory serves me correctly, 8am for a college student is like 5am for regular people. None of them would even think about registering for an 8am Monday class if not for the facts that (a) it’s a 10-minute walk from their dorm and (b) they’re allowed to show up in the clothes they slept in.

That’s what makes this story so awesome. In Memphis on Sunday, North Carolina basketball player Luke Maye, a walk-on sophomore who averaged five points per game during the regular season, nailed the game-winning buzzer beater that defeated the Kentucky Wildcats and sent the Tar Heels to the Final Four for the second year in a row.

In doing so, Maye instantly became a North Carolina legend. So you could forgive the kid if he stayed up a little too late partying after the team got back to Chapel Hill last night. And you could forgive him again if he decided to hit the snooze button when his alarm went off on Monday morning.

Maye didn’t hit the snooze button, though. The North Carolina hero showed up right on time for his 8am Business 101 lecture:

Naturally, the other students in his class gave him a standing ovation:

Even Duke fans have to admit that’s pretty awesome.

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