Fight Almost Breaks Out In Handshake Line Following Florida-Auburn Softball Game (Video)


While in line for handshakes after Auburn beat Florida in women’s softball, 1-0, Haley Fagen refused to shake the hand of Florida coach Tim Walton because, five years ago, Walton kicked Fagen’s sisters, Sami and Kasey, off his squad for a fight.

Apparently, this had been stewing for a while, and when Haley didn’t shake Tim’s hand, he sorta “handshaked” her shoulder.

She didn’t respond kindly to that, shoving him, then tossing out a few choice words. Her teammates got involved, holding her back and escorting her off the field.

It was certainly an awkward moment, but also kind of cool to see someone act on a grudge that old.

Well, the good news is that Walton can’t sanction THIS Fagen sister for bad behavior. But maybe her coach will.

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