Sean Payton and Brock Osweiler React HILARIOUSLY to Fake Snake While Golfing (VIDEO)

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I don’t know why this is so funny, but it is.

Sean Payton’s a decent coach whose heyday is likely years behind him, given the status of his team and aging QB Drew Brees.

As for Brock Osweiler, he seems to be an overachieving backup who turned a half-season into a huge contract, only to get shuffled around to the Browns for a big bag of nothin.’

Now they’re both out golfing, where we learn one more thing about them: They both aren’t huge fans of snakes.

Here are some videos to prove it:

The @saints might have to find a new coach next year… #Hissalot just destroyed #SeanPayton @coopsgolf

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@nfl quarterback @bosweiler17 is not a fan of #hissalot! (@coopsgolf)

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Oh, and it’s a rubber snake. Which makes this both lamer and funnier at the same time.

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