Brandon Marshall Can’t Stop Laughing at That Majestic Pic of Jay Cutler Naked (Video)

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It’s only been about 20 hours since former reality TV star Kristin Cavallari posted a pretty funny pic of currently-unemployed QB Jay Cutler staring pensively at the ocean while naked as a jaybird. But in that time, pretty much everyone has weighed in on the hilarious pic, which seems to be quite out of character for the QB.

Brandon Marshall, who was teammates with Cutler for several years in both Denver and Chicago, was accosted by the TMZ guys on the street and presented with the photo for the first time. He got such a kick out of it that he couldn’t help but bring his wife over to look at the shot with him.

Here’s the clip:

He might not have a team to play for, but Jay Cutler’s still doing his part to make the offseason interesting.

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