Indoor Football League Fans Vote “NO” For Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy Vote

Last night, we brought you a story about how the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles of the Indoor Football League were looking to add Greg Hardy to their roster…if they had the approval of their fans. That approval was to come in the form of an online vote

Today, we’re here to tell you that the votes are in and it appears as though Hardy will remain unemployed.

The 10-hour vote finished in a 50-50 split, but thanks to an extra percentage point, the final tally finished in favor of “No.”

Had the fans voted “yes,” it is believed that Hardy would have been activated in time to join the team for Friday’s game against the Colorado Crush.

But that didn’t happen, so you can add the Indoor Football League to the long list of leagues and professions that would rather not have this women-beating douchebag in their league.  Now we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see who gets to reject Hardy next.


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