Rumor: Chandler Parsons “Dating” Instagram Legend Jen Selter (Pics)

Chandler Parsons

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It should come as no surprise that Chandler Parsons does well with the ladies. He’s young. He’s fit. He’s rich. And he’s good-looking. If you have those four things going for you, all you need is the slightest hint of charm to make women swoon.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what Parsons does. While his basketball game may be overrated, his macking game is on point. In the last few months he’s been linked to Kendall Jenner, Savannah Chrisley, and Bella Thorne, just to name a few, and he’s previously been linked to numerous other models.

So who’s the latest woman to get sucked up into the “Is She Dating Chandler Parsons” rumor mill? It’s none other than legendary Instagram fitness model Jen Selter. You know, the one with the impossibly voluptuous backside.

Here’s a little something something to jog your memory:

Motivation Monday! I wanted to thank each and every one of you in our fitfam for motivating me every single day!! Seeing all of the progress photos from everyone using my Fitplan and how eager you all are to better yourselves and encourage each other makes everything I do worthwhile. You are my motivation! Some of you are finishing your first round of my Lower Body & Booty Guide Your progress photos are amazing which I have been posting on @jenlselter and I cannot wait to see how you all progress in round 2! To kick off this round I’ve decided to run a round 2 transformation challenge! Share your photo from the end of round 1 and the end of round 2 and the best transformation will win a prize! I’m still figuring out exactly what the prize will be but I promise it will be something you’ll love…and likely something you have been asking me about! If you’re ready to double up those booty gains comment below so I can see who’s in the challenge and ready! ❤️

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You know where to find me

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Be back soon LA, off to Tulum ✈️ Long time no #Seltering

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See ya tomorrow LA 🙂

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Back home @hotelmousai

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Is there “proof” that Selter and Parsons are an item? Not exactly. All we have is this line from Terez Owens: “Jen Selter, the woman who became famous for her butt workouts, is now working out with NBA player Chandler Parsons according to our sources.”

But you know what? That’s good enough for me, and I’m going to assume it’s probably good enough for you, too.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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