Watch This Kid With No Arms Drain Three-Pointers Like A Boss (Video)

jamarion styles kid with no arms drains three-pointers

Most people have trouble making three-pointers with a full set of limbs. Eighth grade basketball player Jamarion Styles thinks that’s cute.

Styles, a 13-year-old from Delray Beach, Florida, lost both of his arms when he was a baby after contracting a rare bacterial infection. His right arm ends just below the shoulder, while his left arm ends just below the elbow. However, the kid doesn’t let his lack of arms stop him from doing the things he loves. Including basketball.

Now Styles is poised to become a full-fledged viral sensation after draining not one but two three-pointers in one of his recent basketball games. After he hits the second, a buzzer-beater to end the game, Styles is mobbed by his teammates. And rightly so.

Take a look:

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Here’s the first one from another angle, which gives you a better look at his mechanics:

That is pretty incredible. And, not surprisingly, it earned Jamarion Styles an interview on SportsCenter, during which he also talked about his drumming prowess—because of course he plays the drums!

Check it out:

I want to be this kid when I grow up.

Hat Tip – [LA Times]

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