Police Called To Stop a Kids Street Hockey Game; Cops Decided To Join In Instead (VIDEO)


Earlier this week, Wisconsin police officers responded to a neighbor’s complaint about a bunch of kids playing a good ole fashioned game of street hockey.

That neighbor may have wanted officers to stop them from what they were doing, but the officers decided to join in on the fun instead.

Facebook User Loren Phillips took to social media and shared the video of officers from the Janesville Police Department playing with the little kids, writing the following:

“The cops show up in force and block the street off and start a 3-on-3 game with the boys. Cops are not bad people. They are just people. Also… let kids be kids.”

The officers played for a half hour, and eventually helped them find an area to continue playing without disrupting traffic.

“We could have been very abrupt and just ordered them out of the street,” police chief David Moore told InsideEdition.com. “But that wouldn’t have built trust with the community. We are constantly looking for ways to build trust.”

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