Curry Says He Accidentally ‘Liked’ a LeBron IG Post About The Cavs Struggling

Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

Before Friday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Cleveland Cavaliers were just 2-5 in their last seven games and allowed the Boston Celtics to creep into the #1 seed.

These were LeBron’s comments following the team’s recent loss to the Chicago Bulls.

We’re just in a bad spot right now. Not disappointed with the effort. We’re just in a bad spot,” James said after the Cavs’ fifth loss in their past seven games. “We’re going to try to figure it out. … I think the effort was there. I just don’t think the concentration for as close to 48 minutes is there yet. Which is unfortunate.”

Bleacher Report then took that quote and made a photo with it beside a picture of LeBron.  And a very popular name ended up ‘liking’ that photo on Instagram.

On Friday, Curry was asked about that ‘like’ and he claimed it was pure accidental.

Sure it was.

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