Durant Responds to Shaq’s Statement About Not Talking to Him Until He Wins Title

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In the midst of four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal feuding with Warriors big man JaVale McGee last month, teammate Kevin Durant jumped in and stated how Shaq had no real skills.  That began another war of words between K.D. and Shaq.

Last month, Shaq hit Durant with a statement about not speaking to him until he gets a championship.

“KD doesn’t have G-14 classification,” O’Neal told The Crossover’s Ben Golliver hours before filming Thursday’s edition of Inside the NBA. “He can’t talk to me like that. He may think he does, and he’s sticking up for his teammate. He’s a great player, but you ain’t in the club yet. You’re on the outside in line with (Charles) Barkley, (Karl) Malone, and (John) Stockton. You’re not in the club with me and those (championship) guys. That’s why I tweeted him, ‘Mind ya business.’”

“LeBron has a lot of clearance because he’s won championships,” O’Neal added. “But when a guy who hasn’t won championships makes comments, you say, ‘How do you know?’ … (Durant) was just trying to stick up for his teammate. If you read into what he said, none of his sh– made sense. Well, actually some of it made sense. He said I was strong and I bullied people. Of course, that’s exactly what I did. I’m not going to go shoot jumpers and do all of that.

It took almost a month but KD finally responded to those comments.

“He said I can’t talk to him because I haven’t won a championship,” Durant said, via Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated. “I can see right through that. Shaq feels validated in life, not just basketball, because he’s won a championship.

“… [That] shows me your whole life is centered around [the fact that] you feel like you’re someone in this world because you won a championship. For me, it ain’t even about that.”

“If I have something to say, I’m going to say it,” the 28-year-old said. “I feel like if you’re going to come at my teammate, I’m going to protect him. That’s what leaders are supposed to do.

“… Man, you’ve got flaws, too, and you’re just trying to pick on JaVale. Obviously, JaVale would never be Shaq. He’s trying out here like everybody else. I just try to have his back.”

The Warriors are currently rolling right now as Durant makes his way back from injury.  It seems they could be headed back to the NBA Finals for the 3rd straight year. If they continue to roll, Shaq could be talking to Durant as soon as June.

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