FBI Called In To Shut Down Prostitution Activity During Final Four

NCAA Men's Final Four - Practice

Just like any other huge sporting event around the country, the amount of prostitution activity will increase as people from all over descend on that particular city for the festivities.

The Final Four is in Phoenix this year and they plan on combating this issue by creating a task force to somewhat attempt to eliminate it.

“Hooker activity is on the rise in Phoenix during Final Four weekend — but cops tell TMZ Sports they’ve created a special task force looking to bust anyone trying to pay cash for ass. 

It’s typical to see working girls (and boys) try to make money surrounding big events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup … but it’s clear the AZ cops ain’t playing.

The Glendale PD tells TMZ Sports they’ve already noticed an uptick in local online prostitution activity ahead of the the big games Saturday & Monday. 

So how are the cops planning to keep the sweaty action on the court and not between the sheets? We’re told there’s actually a 4-part plan in place to combat the issue.

 – Creation of a multi-agency task force which includes the FBI.
–  Monitoring sites where prostitution activities are advertised.
–  Sting operations.
–  A crackdown on any potential human trafficking, and aid for the victims.”

Just like with anything, if there’s a way to do it without being caught, people will find the resources to get it done.

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