Von Miller Gives Broncos Fans a Mini Heart Attack With April Fools Prank (PIC)


Just like every single year, many athletes take to social media on April 1st and do their best to give their fan base a heart attack.  Most people fall for it every single time.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller took to Instagram and posted a photo thanking Denver fans for their support as he announced that he was traded from the team. 


Some of them bit hard on the prank. Here are some of the comments:

braden_michael: Don’t do that to me Von!

faith.4417: I was a Bronco fan because of you now I’ll guess I’ll be a fan of whatever team you go to congratulations it’s all good God got you

snogirl303: Are you trying to give a girl a heart attack??

swolepez: I get the joke lol but we need more of them SB’s please!!

jacob._.collier: I just about killed myself

ms_mila_j: lowkey damn near ruined my day lol

_meremeree: Legit almost had a heart attack, then I remembered it’s April fools! #notevenfunny #butitworked. Lol

Check the date, folks.

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