The Bruins Used a Civilian Backup Goalie During Practice, and He Took a Shot to the Crotch From Zdeno Chara (Video)

Bruins call up goalie

Apparently, it’s somewhat standard for NHL teams to find themselves in need of someone, anyone, to strap on some pads and pull goalie detail during practice, or even games. I’m not sure what planning and staffing mishaps need to occur for this to be the case, but the Bruins recently had to call in a Massachusetts State Trooper, Keith Segee, who had a few years of D-III hockey under his belt.

Feeling that was sufficient, they put him in front of no less than Zdeno Chara, a guy who’s known to hit 108.8 MPH with his slap shot and is a five-time winner of the league’s hardest shot contest.

Not only did he get hit by Chara’s slap shot, but Segee took the shot in the last place you’d want to be hit with a vulcanized rubber puck traveling at 100+ MPH.

VIDEO: Mass State Trooper and Bruins emergency practice goalie Kevin Segee took a Chara blast in the family jewels. Tough gig. Great work by CSN shooter Glenn Gleason to get this

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I wonder if he’d do it all over again if he knew this would be the outcome. Maybe we’ll ask him when the swelling subsides.

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