Jonathan Quick Karate Kick Save on Peter Holland Is the NHL Save of the Year (Video)

jonathan quick save of the year

The Los Angeles Kings were mathematically eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs last week. However, all-world netminder Jonathan Quick has not throwing in the towel.

The Kings hosted the Coyotes at the Staples Center on Sunday night, and midway through the first period Quick made an absolutely incredible save on Peter Holland that might go down at the Save of the Year in the NHL.

The play started when Quick stopped a relatively harmless shot from the blue line. The puck deflected into the corner to Jakob Chychrun, who held on to it long enough to draw Quick to the near post before firing a pass across the front of the crease to a wide-open Holland.

Holland then fired the puck on a wide open net, and everybody thought it was going to be a goal. Everybody except Jonathan Quick, who gave a wicked karate kick with his left pad to knock puck out of mid air, robbing the Coyotes of a one-nothing lead.

In real time you can barely even tell what happens. There’s a shot, and then just a blur in front of the empty net.

But man is it ever glorious in slow motion. Take a look:

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Hell, you know what? I’m just going to call it now. What’s the point of waiting for the NHL to run their official fan vote? That’s the save of the year.

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