Social Media Roasts Sage Steele After ESPN Replaces Her With Michelle Beadle on Her Day Off (TWEETS)

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In an unprecedented move on Tuesday, ESPN dropped network veteran Sage Steele from NBA Countdown in favor of Michelle Beadle, just before the NBA playoffs are sent to begin. The shift likely means Sage Steele will no longer have a role in ESPN’s NBA coverage. 

“ESPN today announced that Michelle Beadle has been named the full-time host of NBA Countdown on ABC and ESPN. In this role, Beadle will lead the company’s NBA pre-game and halftime shows, including for the NBA Finals on ABC. She will also host ESPN’s and ABC’s studio coverage throughout the NBA Playoffs, which includes ESPN’s exclusive coverage of the Western Conference Finals.”

Steele has been the center of a few controversies that have led to a backlash on social media towards her.

“She abruptly ended an interview with Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler when he began to voice his political opinions during the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star Game. In late January, she came under harsh criticism from the public and her professional colleagues, namely fellow ESPN personality Dan Le Batard, when she took to Instagram to complain about her travel plans being complicated due to crowds protesting President Donald Trump’s travel ban.”

In February, she stated the worst racism she has ever experienced were from black people. In November, she took to Twitter to publicly criticize Mike Evans for sitting during the National Anthem.

For those reasons alone, people celebrated her firing on social media.

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