19-Year-Old Pats Fan From Seattle Cracked the Case of Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey: Here’s How… (Video)


It wasn’t much of a scandal, but when this year’s Super Bowl ended, a lot of fans and league officials alike were all wondering what the hell happened to Tom Brady’s jersey.

It turns out that his Super Bowl 51 jersey was taken out of the locker room by Martin Mauricio Ortega, a credentialed exec who had also apparently stolen Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl XLIX two years earlier—along with tons of other sports memorabilia. 

The jerseys would still be missing if it wasn’t for Dylan Wagner, a 19-year-old sports memorabilia collector. After conducting some business with Ortega on eBay, the two of them traded photos of their collections.

“He sent me 30 photos of his collection. Front and center was Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 49 Jersey. I asked him outright, ‘How did you get that?’ and he says ‘I’ll tell you later,’” Wagner recalled.

Wagner then happened to share the photos he got from Ortega with his friend Christopher Arone, who just so happened to work for the ATF. Shortly after this year’s jersey went missing, Arone shared news with Wagner that the 49 jersey was stolen. The FBI actually took the case and caught Ortega on tape snagging this year’s Brady Super Bowl jersey.  The FBI investigation is still underway, preventing them from commenting.

Dylan Wagner just hopes he gets to meet Tom Brady after all of this. “I would love to meet Brady one day, hopefully. It would be a dream come true. I’m just really glad he gets his jerseys back,” Wagner said.

Hat Tip – [CBS Boston]

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