NFL Players Around The League Ponder If There is a GRONK Double Standard


Right off the bat, Rob Gronkowski is not to blame for just simply living his life to the fullest, but the standard he is being held to compared to other players is the issue here.

Whether you disagree or not, there’s always a racial/winning component that comes with athletes and how much slack they are given to do what they do without backlash.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman recently spoke with a few anonymous players around the league about this issue.  They wondered why Gronk, who has been all over the net partying and wrestling at Wrestlemania, is looked at as a person who is just having fun and living life, while somebody like Cam Newton would get blasted for doing the same and not practicing on how to dive for a football (Panthers/Broncos SB).

“I recently heard from four players, two from each conference, who all wondered if Gronkowski is held to a different standard than others in the league.

None wanted to be quoted, even on an off-the-record basis, but each made the point that they didn’t think a player such as Cam Newton could do what Gronk does without public backlash.”

Winning plays a big factor in these things as fans are more willing to let certain athletes with multiple championships get away with more, while ring-less players get yelled at on First Take by Stephen A. Smith.

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