Cris Carter: Colin Kaepernick ‘Set Himself Up’ to Be ‘Blackballed’ (VIDEO)


We’re a couple days away from officially being one month into free agency and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has still not fielded any calls from anyone around the league.

After gaining national attention for his National Anthem protests last season, at least one ex-player says Kaepernick is at least partially to blame for his own predicament.

During Wednesday’s edition of ‘The Undisputed’, Hall of fame WR and current Fox Sports NFL analyst Cris Carter says that Kaepernick “set himself up” to be “blackballed.”

“You can put yourself in a position to be blackballed,” said Carter. “When he took a knee for the National Anthem, he put himself in a position where he could be blackballed.”

Carter argued that Kaepernick was such a terrible teammate for years that no one is willing to speak on his behalf to team executives.

“When you get into situations like this, man, you need somebody to vouch for you,” Carter said. “You need someone to vouch for your football IQ, vouch for your character. You need someone to vouch for your leadership. And Kaep don’t have that.”




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