Greg Hardy, Seemingly Out of Places to Go, Reports to Spring Football Camp

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Greg Hardy should still, by all accounts, be in the prime of his football career. He’s 28 years old and was an elite linebacker in the NFL, but the problem was, well, he was just a total jerk.

He allegedly assaulted his girlfriend by throwing her onto a bed covered in guns he owned. He was recently pinched for cocaine possession, and the last team that circled him, the Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles of the Indoor Football League, passed on him after fans voted they didn’t want the dude.

Just yesterday, Hardy was seen reporting to Spring Football League camp, undoubtedly looking for a second chance and a new start. That’s not to say he’s earned it, but he’s here.

As you can see, he’s filling out paperwork and drinking bottled water…boring administrative stuff until the league kicks off in just a week or so. He’s without a team, but it’s likely he’ll get picked up by someone in the next few days.


The Spring League is thought to be developmental, so most of the players in it hope to one day make it to (or back to) the NFL.

We’ll know soon enough if Hardy can change his ways.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]


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