Sharpe on GRONK Double Standard: ‘Black Players Have To Do Twice As Much To Get Half As Far’ (VIDEO)

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On Wednesday, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman detailed many players around the league who pondered whether Rob Gronkowski gets to play by a different set of the rules than other players in the league.

“I recently heard from four players, two from each conference, who all wondered if Gronkowski is held to a different standard than others in the league.

None wanted to be quoted, even on an off-the-record basis, but each made the point that they didn’t think a player such as Cam Newton could do what Gronk does without public backlash.”

On Thursday’s edition of ‘The Undisputed’, former NFL TE Shannon Sharpe expanded on those comments from anonymous players and detailed how much time Gronk has missed out on the field due to injury, yet he receives no criticism for partying, let alone chugging beer in public.

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