Browns WR Kenny Britt Uses Homophobic Slur To Insult ‘Fake Fans’ On Instagram


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On Thursday, it was reported that former Los Angeles Rams WR Kenny Britt had some not-so-nice things to say about former teammates on his Live Instagram Video.

A bunch of Rams fans posted across social media letting Tavon Austin know about the harsh words coming from Britt.


Via the TurfShowTimes:

“Late last evening, former Los Angeles Rams WR Kenny Britt took to a live Instagram post in which he spoke disparagingly of former teammate WR Tavon Austin, calling him a “fag” and saying he felt “betrayed” by the Rams for not re-signing him.”

Britt quickly responded and stated he wasn’t talking about teammates and was calling out ‘fake fans’ instead.  He also told them not to “come to his page sucking another man off” because he doesn’t do “that fagish shit around here”.


In the photo below, it was reported by multiple fans that Kenny Britt had some discouraging words about new head coach Sean McVay. Fans on the live video chat called out Britt and asked why he used those inappropriate words.

His response: “Whatever, I don’t know him anymore”


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