Curry Says He Faked Catching the Holy Ghost After Mark Jackson’s Church Tried to Heal His Ankle With Holy Oil

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Before Steph Curry became the Steph Curry we all know right now, he dealt with a bunch of ankle injuries early on in his career. According to a funny excerpt from Marcus Thompson of The Bay Area News Group’s new book, a church tried to heal it.

Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson had Curry and his family at his church and the book talks about how Curry pretended to catch the holy spirit after holy oil was thrown on his ankle.

A part of the tradition at Jackson’s church was a spirited service including worshippers jogging along the walls of the congregation in praise. Curry, two days removed from his latest sprain, found himself taking laps with Jackson and the other members filled with the spirit. Then after Jackson’s sermon, his wife and co-pastor, Desiree, continued the worship with an impromptu sermon and benediction. She also called Curry to the altar.

They took off his shoes and socks, anointed his ankle with oil and prayed for healing. The parishioners lifted their voices in chants and amens, calling on God to bless one of His Christian ambassadors. Service at Jackson’s church was much more passionate and engaging than Curry was used to back in Charlotte. But he humbly accepted the blessing that was being offered and returned to his seat with a smile on his face.

“Where you going?” Desiree asked the star point guard in front of the congregation. Curry responded with his go-to look of bewilderment, a half smile and widened eyes. He thought he was supposed to return back among the flock when she was done.

“You don’t get a blessing from the Lord and just walk off!” she shouted. “Show us you believe in the power of God.”

It took Curry a second to understand what she meant. Then the old Bible stories rushed to his mind. Like when Jesus healed the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda, that man had to pick up his mat and walk. If he believed he was healed, he needed to show it.

So Curry started shimmying and hopping on his right foot, much to the delight of the congregation.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” Curry said.”

It didn’t work. Curry eventually got better braces and better training technique to heal his ankle.

You can get a copy of the book here.

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