Crazy Video: Watch Everton Midfielder Ross Barkley Get Sucker Punched in Liverpool Bar

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Image via Getty

Sunday was an up-and-down kind of day for Everton midfielder Ross Barkley.

It started with him earning man-of-the-match honors in Everton’s 4-2 win over Leicester City. It ended with him getting sucker punched and knocked on his ass at a Liverpool bar.

The attack happened at a bar called Santa Chupitos. Closed-circuit television footage of the incident leaked online Monday. In it you can see Barkley talking to a man in the bottom righthand corner of the screen. Barkley has his hand on the guy’s shoulder as he leans in to talk in his ear, and at one point he gently touches the guy’s chin. Then, all of a sudden, the guy goes berserk, levelling Barkley with a pair of right hooks before another patron puts him in a bear hug and pulls him away.

Check it out:

Merseyside Police said they received no report of an assault, but that they are aware of the CCTV footage and are investigating.

Lawyers for Ross Barkley issued a statement labeling the incident an “unprovoked attack.”

Obviously nothing can legally justify punching a guy like that. However, whether or not the attack was truly “unprovoked” depends on what Barkley said to the guy. That gentle touch on the chin certainly seemed condescending. Though it is pure speculation at this point, one wonders if maybe Barkley didn’t report the attack to the police because he didn’t want to have to explain what was said.

As for Santa Chupito, the bar’s owners say the employee who leaked the CCTV footage has been canned.

“We can confirm that we have fully investigated and dismissed the member of staff responsible for illegally recording and leaking imagery,” the bar’s owner said in a statement. “The safety and privacy of our guests will always be paramount, whoever they may be. We will continue to work closely with the relevant people and authorities with any incident of this nature.”

Of course, we were all going to find out about the attack eventually. It’s not like people weren’t going to notice the Everton player running around with the huge shiner.

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