LeBron’s Going to Rest for the Cavs’ Finale, Even With 1st Place at Stake

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Whoa, this is surprising—and, if you’re a Cavs fan, probably more than a little disappointing. Late in the season, the Cavs have slowly ceded first place to the upstart Celtics, and with one game left in the season, the teams are neck-and-neck, with the Celts taking over first.

The Cavs could still retake top spot in the East with a win over the Raptors and a Celtics loss to the Bucks on Wednesday.  But they don’t seem all that interested in finishing first in the East, which is why they’re resting LeBron James for their season finale.

The Cavs are on a skid, having dropped six of their last ten, so maybe a fresh start for the playoffs is in order. LeBron will have enjoyed six days of rest prior to Saturday’s playoff premiere, which will certainly benefit the team.

But this all still calls into question LeBron’s physical and mental toughness both during this tumultuous season and over his career, where he’s constantly faced questions about his “killer instinct.”

Of course, another NBA title would help prove all the doubters wrong once again.


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