“DeflateGate…Aaron Hernandez”: Bill Belichick Plays Word Association (Video)

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It’s not often we get to see Bill Belichick sitting around like a normal human being without that look in his eye that he’d rather be a million other places. But somehow, in the dog days of the NFL’s spring, CNBC got the coaching legend to sit with Suzy Welch and do a little word association on matters like Deflategate, Aaron Hernandez, and the media.

It’s quick, and naturally, Belichick doesn’t get too personal, but if you’re looking for a humanizing glimpse of the coach, this is probably the best you’ll do for a while. Maybe the whole year. Maybe ever!

Check it out:

Belichick makes himself so inaccessible during the season that a little clip like this makes you feel like he just invited you to stay in his house for a week.

Anyway…back to reviewing those tapes…

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