Dortmund Coach Not Happy His Team Had to Play Champions League Match One Day After Their Bus Was Bombed (Video)

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Borussia Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel lashed out at UEFA on Wednesday after his team lost its Champions League quarterfinal match just 24 hours after its bus was attacked by a series of bombs.

Three bombs exploded near the team bus on Tuesday as it was en route to Dortmund’s home stadium. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt in the blasts. However, defender Marc Barta suffered a broken wrist after being hit by shrapnel. He underwent surgery on Tuesday night and will miss at least four weeks.

After the attack UEFA made the decision to postpone Dortmund’s quarterfinal match against Monaco—but only for 24 hours.

On Wednesday, after Dortmund lost 3-2, Tuchel expressed his strong displeasure at the decision to play the game so soon after somebody presumably tried to murder his team.

“We were never asked, we were informed by a text message that the UEFA made a decision in Switzerland,” Tuchel said at the post-game press conference. “It felt lousy. And that sticks with us. Minutes after the attacks the only question was whether the game could go through or not. We were treated as if a beer can was thrown at the bus. It gives you a feeling of impotence.

“It will stick with us that we have to function and that everything else plays no role. We are outside of the bus, Marc [Barta] gets driven away in an ambulance, and we are informed about the decision. It does not feel good.”

Tuchel said that, despite UEFA’s decision to reschedule the game 24 hours after the attack, the team didn’t force players to take the field.

“We left it open to every player if he wants to play. We realized this morning that training is a distraction. Every player, every human, and this attack was on us as humans, can be scared stiff by this. But all of them wanted to play.

“We would have wanted to have more time to digest all of this. We did not get this time. We have to live with the fact that the match was scheduled.”

UEFA denies that the decision to reschedule the game so soon was handed down without input from the clubs.

Judging from the reaction from Dortmund players, it doesn’t sound like UEFA was “in touch with all parties.”

Check out this post-game interview with Dortmund midfielder Nuri Şahin:

In the future, UEFA, you might want to give teams at least 72 hours to recover after somebody tries to blow them up.

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